Migsun Kausalam


Automotive Electrician

Job Description

An Auto Electrician is responsible for service and repair of electrical and electronic faults in the vehicle across the various sub-systems and aggregates.

Objective / Outcome of Training

Carry out service and repairs of electrical and electronic faults in a vehicle:

Introduction to automobile electricals and electronics, Components/aggregates of electricals and electronics, Repairing the electrical and electronic systems fault, Servicing any electrical/electronic part within an aggregate Maintenance of tools and equipment, Maintenance of work place area, Trainings organized by OEM (This includes Petrol, Diesel, CNG, Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles).

Plan and organize work to meet expected out comes, plan & understand work content and output required in a given time, maintain set quality standards, identify and manage organizational resources efficiently and effectively.

Work Effectively in a Team:-know and follow organizational policies and procedures for working with colleagues.

Maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment : - Know prevailing environmental norms, government.


Electrician, Electrical Technician and Electrical mechanic.