Migsun Kausalam


Lineman Construction Distribution

Job Description

The incumbent in the job will construct and erect steel, wood, laminate and concrete poles, structures and other related hardware. They install, overhead and underground powerlines and cables, and other associated equipment such as insulators, conductors, lightning arrestors, switches, transformers and lighting systems.


Gain familiarity with the construction Practices of Power Distribution Lines, Underground and AB Cables, Pole mounting Distribution substation etc.: General introduction to Power Distribution System, basics of Electricity and unit of measurement of current, voltage, resistance, various elements of power system (Generation, Transmission, Distribution), role of a lineman during construction activities.

Become well versed with Environment Health & Safety: Well versed with health and safety measures in terms of personal safety and equipment safety relevant to lineman construction occupation.

Identify and use basic tools, equipment & materials: Effectively identify, select & use the specified tools and equipment relevant to line construction works. Standard Procedures for material handling.

Handle Material & Store rightly: Right method stacking of relevant construction materials used for pole erection and other construction activities.