Migsun Kausalam


Medical Sales Representative

Job Description

The Medical Sales Representative is a key link between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. He/she is responsible for contacting potential customers such as primary care centres, hospitals and pharmacies, identifying their needs, convincing them that the products (medicines or medical devices) of his/her company can best satisfy their needs; closing the sale according to the terms and conditions; and providing an aftersales service


Gain knowledge about Industry Eco System, Regulations and Ethical Practices (MCI Code of Conduct/ UCP-MP Guidelines/ MRTP Act) to enable him/herself for establishing the Industry Standards in his/her performance

Gain scientific knowledge about Human Anatomy & Physiology and medical terms related to it, Pharmacology, Drug and its composition and key characteristics, Various Drug Formularies, Drug Transport Mechanism in human body, Therapeutic Drug and its Classes, Pharmacovigilance and Disease Management to enable him/herself for participation in discussion and establish the Industry Contacts

Learn how to monitor competitors by gathering market data on pricing/ new products/ marketing techniques and trade offers, analysing the same and in turn recommend the changes/ improvements in products/ services of the company

Gain knowledge about Trends in pharmaceutical marketing, technological advancements and Use of Information Technology in Pharma Sale, Basics of Market Research and Sales Process and approaches in Life Sciences

Promote and sell products to potential and existing customers by managing the customer relationship without compromising on the Standards and Ethics

Provide required after sales services to the customer

Organize medical conferences and events

Practice the professional Skills at work; like Decision Making, Planning & Organizing, Customer Centricity, Problem Solving, Objection Handling, Analytical Thinking, Critical Thinking


Medical Representative and Territory Sales Executive.